My Life On the Prairie


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The Gift of Christmas and The Gift of Easter


The History of Prayer in America

My Life on the Prairie
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History of Prayer in America

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Fern Nilson

Author of
"The History of Prayer in America" and "My Life on the Prairie"

FERN NILSON is a teacher at heart. Graduating from the University of Nebraska, she taught in the Nebraska Public Schools. Her love for sharing what is important in her life has led her to become a writer and speaker.

Fern is the author of "The History of Prayer in America" and "My Life on the Prairie." She has also been selected for Volume One of the Nebraska Authors Project. For the past 20 years, Fern has worked with National Day of Prayer, serving the last five years as a National Area Leader. She was honored for her work with the National Day of Prayer in Nebraska when the Governor made her an Admiral in the Navy of the State of Nebraska.

In 2005, Fern was honored by Shirley Dobson when she became the recipient of the National Coordinator of the Year Award. Prior to this, she and her husband sponsored Campus Crusade for Christ for 25 years at Kansas State University. It was during that time that she compiled a detailed account of the Christmas Story for students, faculty, and audiences in several large cities. She also worked with Christian Women's Clubs in Kansas and served as Area Representative. She resides in Aurora, Nebraska, has two grown children and six grandchildren.